Let’s face the facts, there really isn’t much time left until Summer. And with its arrival, we all get into a big hurry to get rid of our bellies that we hid under layers of warm clothes all Winter long. But, relax the solution is simple. Thanks to your Android device, getting back into shape is as easy as checking out these apps. 


My Fitness Pal

While exercising is one of the most basic habits for staying healthy, you shouldn’t forget about what you eat. My Fitness Pal is an application that recommends a nutrition plan customized just for you based on your current state and the objectives that you want to reach.

But that’s not all. Besides organizing a food plan for each day of the week, you’ll also be able to monitor how much water you’re drinking, and the foods that you eat with all the calorie counting information you need. Along with how many carbs, proteins, and fat they contain (only available on Premium).  Also, if you don’t know how many calories a specific food has, My Fitness Pal has a database with nutritional facts about tons of foods that you can easily check by using the camera on your phone to scan the bar code on the packaging.

Even though this app already has tons of features that makes it the most popular fitness app on Android, another of its strong points is how compatible it is with other services like Endomondo and Google Fit, where you can import your daily exercise activities so My Fitness Pal generates more precise statistics about the progress you’re making.

My Fitness Pal screenshot

Workout Trainer

This app is the closest thing to a personal trainer that you’ll find on your Android device. Even though it’s only out in English, thanks to how simple and visual its interface is, you can still use this app intuitively without speaking English at all.

Workout Trainer is specially designed for people who lack time, money or are just lazy, deciding not to go to the gym. Using it is as easy as, including your data and the goals that you want to get. By doing so, you’ll find a lot of different options for personal training sessions on the app. The different routines are all marked on a calendar, and you can adjust them depending on the amount of time you have to work out. Thanks to videos, graphics, and clear instructions, you’ll be able to follow along any of the exercises that Workout suggests you do.

There’s a paid version of the app for some of the workouts, but the majority of them are free. However, if you want to try out a Premium training session, you can access a free Premium trial version at no additional cost during two weeks to see if you get any results.

Workout Trainer

Gym Exercises and Training

If you’re one of those people who walks straight into the weight room with your headphones in, already knowing exactly what to do, you might just be looking for a workout plan as a guide. If so Gym Exercises and Training is a great option. While it doesn’t stand out because of its graphics, it is one of the biggest exercise catalogues that you can find on Android. It even organizes exercises by areas of the body that you want to work on. Including exercise tables, drawings and YouTube videos that are linked to the app, it’s got it all for free. This app is a basic tool for anyone in the fitness world, both for beginners and veteran athletes.


Sleep Better with Runtastic

A wide variety of studies have shown that not getting enough sleep in one of the worst habits that cause weight gain. However, even though a few extra kilos isn’t always such a bad thing, a decent amount of sleep is the foundation for every aspect of our lives.

With the application Sleep Better by Runtastic vou’ll be able to monitor the number of hours that you sleep thanks to movement sensors on your smartphone (using a formula simlar to Xiaomi with its MiBand).

Even though it’s not a scientific app (it doesn’t pretend to be one either), it deserves a special mention because of how accurately it measures the number of hours you sleep, separating them into different phases of sleep depending on the movements that take place when asleep.


Endomondo Sport Tracker

That’s right, we could hardly forget about the Android app par excellence for working out. Even though there are many similar apps out there like Runtastic and Strava, Endomondo Sports Tracker is hands down the best, because of how trustworthy, reliable and high quality it is. Also, its functionality and interface design are stellar.

This app is tremendously versatil, and it allows you to select over fifty different sports activities that go anywhere from practicing yoga to going up and down stairs. Endomondo controls (by using your GPS signal) your rhythm, distance (in km), position, calories, and if you download the Premium version, you’ll be able to unblock a heart rate monitor to get a detailed report on your exercising.

Not only that, but the developers at Endomondo know that workout selfies are all the rage, and everybody loves to show off.  Which is why they’re adding a major social media component to their app, allowing you to share your workouts online. It’s also fully integrated with Spotify, which is definitely spot on.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Bonus track:

Zombies Run!

Want to feel like Will Smith in I am Legend? Here’s the app for you: Zombies Run!  This app is a hybrid of a both a game and a work out app, where you’ll have to complete missions by running and escaping from the bloodthirsty zombies that are out to get you.

When the chase is over, if the would wide pandemia of infected zombies don’t manage to eat you alive, you’ll obtain different tools and materials that you can use to build a base where you’ll get further in the game. On top of that, in this app, just like in Endomondo, you’ll have full access to your Spotify accound, so even if you’re trying to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse, everything is better with music. Best of all, since 2015 this app is toally free.

Zombies Run!


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