Ask which are the most popular launchers for Android and Nova Launcher is probably one of the names you’re most likely to hear. But there are alternatives out there whose big user base attests to their great performance – and Evie Launcher is one of them. This option has proved the best at winning fans thanks to its refined style plus its lean weight and speedy performance.

Evie LauncherEvie Launcher stands out principally for its terrific performance. Navigating around your phone with Evie is a smooth experience without even a hint of lag – something that users of less cutting-edge smartphones are sure to appreciate. This launcher is sustained on this magnificent functionality as well as its ever-present search bar that lets you find all kinds of different items: your installed apps, media recommendations like movies and songs, new apps for your device, or the standard Google search results.

Evie LauncherBesides this universal search bar, at the bottom of your screen you’ll see all your apps in alphabetical order when you swipe upwards. You can select whether you want to view them in a list or with the traditional icons on a grid. Plus Evie Launcher has different customization options that may not be too complex but still let you add a touch of personality, which never hurts. The size of the icons, the option to add a fixed dock, gesture shortcuts that can, for example, lock your screen… Not exactly a smorgasbord of personalization options, but the launcher’s smooth handling exponentially multiplies its value.

Evie LauncherEvie Launcher is a good option to keep in mind. Its great performance and simple handling make it ideal for people who don’t want to go crazy combing through options and more options. But even still, it’s got enough features to enrich its possibilities. A completely free launcher that adds a touch of sophistication to any smartphone.

Evie Launcher for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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