The official Wikipedia app is really not bad and has a lot of appeal for people who use it in their day-to-day work. The thing is, though, that there’s a free Android app that not only does the same thing, but tremendously expands on the info offered. We’re talking about EveryWiki, a lightweight app that we can’t stop recommending to everyone we know.

everywiki screenshot 1 1 EveryWiki: The best Wikipedia app for Android

EveryWiki is surprising for several reasons: its reduced size, speed of use, and enormous database. These are the three pillars of the app’s strength on Android, but the main unifying factor is its capacity to offer a tons of reference wikis in one place. Not only can we get info from Wikipedia it all its different languages, but also access wikis on all conceivable subjects: videogames, TV shows, books… Even humor-related wikis have their niche.


In these digital era in which finding information is an essential and a constant, using EveryWiki is a proper marvel thanks to how fast it runs searches. But its attributes don’t stop there: it has other interesting features like a search widget so you don’t have to leave your home screen to look stuff up, plus an option to change colors of different parts of the app to set it up to your tastes.


EveryWiki is, in my humble opinion, an essential app to get info on any issue and do it fast. Plus you can save articles to check later or make quick visits to the latest wikis that get listed at the start of the sidebar.

EveryWiki for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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