These days it’s increasingly easily to live in the past while enjoying your leisure time. The power of modern Android devices allows the easy emulation of previous generations of consoles, with surprising results. For that reason, we’ve seen a steady increase in the downloads volume of this type of app from our catalog. These are the most-downloaded classic console emulators for Android on Uptodown.


It’s not the first (or the last) time we recommend this brilliant emulator for PlayStation Portable that lets you bring back the catalog for Sony’s portable console on your Android with a visual quality that trumps the original machine. At the moment, although it’s fully functional, the Android version requires a high-range smartphone or tablet to run certain games well. Recently we explained in a blog post how to set it up to get the most out of it. [Download]


My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator

Game Boy Advance was a great console that took up the torch from the classic Game Boy (and its heir GBC), offering a catalog of nearly 1,000 games over the eight years it was manufactured. This emulator lets you play its games, with the benefit that very nature of smartphones gets close to the experience of the original machine, with the original buttons even virtualized (their layout is fully customizable). But careful! Although GBA was retrocompatible, this emulator isn’t, so if you want to play titles from the “brick” Game Boy you should use MyOldBoy. [Download]



For many, the greatest shock in the unstoppable world of emulation at the end of the 90s was the ability to play Super Mario 64 on your PC. SuperN64 is possibly the best in terms of running the Nintendo console, being a modified version of the popular Mupen64 with some adjustments to run faster on certain devices. [Download]


NES Emulator

It seems Nintendo is much loved among our visitors. This is the same NES as always, the 8-bit, Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt-ing machine that an entire generation of no-longer-such-kids grew up with. Not too many software curlicues are needed when it comes to emulating these classics beyond the orientation of the screen, the scaling, and the aspect ratio. What’s so special about this app is that it includes a virtual cartridge of 64 games in one, with some of the most iconic titles on the console from a couple decades ago. On the subject of legality and the ROMS we’ve already had a long and drawn-out discussion and each of you are responsible for your own actions. [Download]


Dolphin Emulator

These are the heavy guns, and it’s again Nintendo. The 128-bit console with which Nintendo attempted to compete with PS2 shares an architecture with its successor, the brilliant Wii, meaning this emulator can run games for both machines. The compatibility list is rather more limited than its big brother for PC, but that doesn’t mean its not possible to have a go at Luigi’s Mansion on your tablet and cry from happiness even if it’s only at 10 frames per second. [Download]


  1. I’ve downloaded the ppsspp app twice and can’t seem to get it to successfully transfer game files to the app to play games, I have an Android ZTE 7.1.1 is there any instruction videos to show how to get it to work on my phone


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