Google has recently announced that it will stop supporting Inbox, its experimental email client independent from Gmail. It’s a fact that Google products monopolize the Android ecosystem since they come pre-installed on most devices. That’s why it’s necessary to give some attention to other alternatives, and make the giant from Mountain View share at least a little bit of the limelight. Here are five good email client alternatives for Android. 

email apps Five alternative email clients for Android

Blue Mail

One of the big ones, that offers just the basic functions necessary, without forgetting the importance of an elegant and intuitive design. It’s compatible with most email services (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more), along with IMAP, Exchange, and POP3 inboxes. But where it really stands out is in its interface, which doesn’t clash with the typical look of Google products and lets you easily navigate through your inbox, mark favorites, and view attachments. If we had to recommend just one service, it would be this one. [Download]

Blue Mail email app Android


Don’t panic. We haven’t gone crazy here, we just go by user habits. Whether we like it or not, Windows PC + Android devices is a pairing that millions of users use, so it really doesn’t make sense not to take advantage of the tools created by Microsoft that bring together both worlds. The Outlook client for Android is even better looking than its desktop version, and it’s also compatible with Yahoo and Gmail. And if you use related tools like the Microsoft calendar or OneDrive, you have native integration. [Download]

email outlook screenshot Five alternative email clients for Android


MyMail is pretty, plain and simple. It’s so similar to Gmail that it even changed its icons in the side menu to make them look similar to the Google client’s recent makeover. The menu is intuitive thanks to the clear icons associated to each type of email received. It’s at the same level as Bluemail in terms of compatibility with services, letting you merge all your inboxes into one. [Download]

email mymail screenshots Five alternative email clients for Android

Yahoo Mail

There’s one dinosaur that never went extinct. After years trying to reinvent the brand, the email service from Yahoo is still active and, although it’s strayed a little bit by offering additional premium services, its basic client is more than efficient and offers 1GB of storage in the cloud for free. You can log in with Gmail, Outlook, and Aol, without even needing to have a Yahoo account. [Download]

email yahoo screenshots Five alternative email clients for Android

Your integrated email client

Maybe we make our lives too complicated when it comes to searching for apps, when the package of apps included on your device by default can make your life easier. Whether it’s stock Android or any customization layer, it’ll have its own integrated native email client. And in general, it’ll end up being more efficient and uses less resources than any third party client.

email correo screenshot Five alternative email clients for Android


  1. I run BlackBery Hub and an email account from

    These are two older services that still do email really well. Great for all those folks that had corporate exchange on BlackBerry enterprise back in the day.

  2. AquaMail is actually the best email client I’ve found for Android and I’ve tried many. Very professional, configurable, fast and generally pleasant to work with. Easily recommended.


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