We’re living in a new golden age of RPGs in the world of interactive entertainment. After the Super Nintendo and PlayStation craze, this era seems to ruled by games for mobile devices. Not only for the sheer number of games that appear, but because we’re constantly finding concepts that are original, inventive, and really addictive. Elemental Dungeon is a new roguelite that picks up where Magicka left off in 2011 to offer a fun Action RPG that shines from each one its pixels.

Elemental Dungeon

Dungeon crawling has become one of the most typical resources that we find in the videogame universe: a hero and tons of dungeons to survive in. Now, Diablo didn’t exactly invent the wheel, but there’s no doubt that it definitely popularized these types of games. Elemental Dungeon has more of the game from Blizzard in it than its gorgeous pixel art graphics may reveal, with its similar premise: you get to venture into randomly generated dungeons in order to destroy every enemy possible while you collect all the loot you can.

Elemental Dungeon Combo Travellers

The great thing about the game from Combo Travellers is found in its gameplay: you’ll combine elements to form spells based on this fusion. For example, if you have to make it past a wall of fire, you’ll need a spell that gives you a water shield. Or you can create a stone barrier to block the flames. We love how Elemental Dungeon gives us various solutions to the problems we come across. And the same goes for the enemies that you encounter: there’s more than one way to defeat them.

You have three different classes to enjoy in Elemental Dungeon and each one is found in a different game mode: Mage, Hunter, and Ronin. You’ll find more Diablo references here since this title also has an excellent multiplayer mode where the combination of these classes will allow you to advance more and more. Not only in the co-op mode, but it also has one where it’s everyone vs. everyone; only one player can come out a winner in this elemental battle.

Elemental Dungeon rpg

We’re huge fans of Elemental Dungeon thanks to all its qualities we’ve already listed and the ones that we haven’t mentioned yet: the soundtrack is awesome, you can interact with the surroundings to take full advantage of the setting, and the final bosses present a great challenge. It’s a roguelite that’s full of secrets and a has a development team that’s putting their heart and souls into each new update. It’s a total gem that you won’t want to miss.

Elemental Dungeon roguelite

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