Atari may be a shadow of its former self, but that doesn’t mean its new business model isn’t prolific. One of its key development routes is currently the Android ecosystem, and they just presented their two new games for the platform in this week’s E3 2017Lunar Battle and Goon Squad, both already available for download through Uptodown (though the official international release is set to come later).

Lunar Battle: Colonization strategy and management

Toward the end of 2016 we got to whet our palates with this provocative strategy game where you have to raise a colonial settlement on an inhospitable planet while upgrading your buildings to get more and better resources and dueling against other players in special battles.

lunar battle screenshot 1 [E3 2017] Atari officially releases Lunar Battle and Goon Squad for Android

You don’t have to play long to realize that the inspiration is Clash of Clans with regard to the operations base/enemy assault dyad, though in this case the construction tree is more diverse and the reason to advance goes beyond the mere lust for conquest: the game sets up requirements you have to beat throughout 50 different missions for one player.

The battles completely change the game system, with the confrontations being a sort of melee between spaceships where you control your evasive maneuvers in real time with touch gestures on the screen.

Goon Squad, a Clash Royale with mafiosos

Atari’s strategy of referencing hit games is pretty unmistakable. In this case we’re looking at the umpteenth clone of Clash Royale, with a couple novelties that make it interesting enough to deem it an attractive subproduct. First there’s its warring mafiosos setting, and then the fact that you can play in battles of up to four teams simultaneously.

goon squad [E3 2017] Atari officially releases Lunar Battle and Goon Squad for Android

In terms of development, nothing we’ve not seen before: as you win duels you can unlock new cards to build a balanced deck of troops to face off against any rival. This, together with the aforementioned Reyerta Mode, makes Goon Squad a title to keep in mind when you feel like losing yourself in opening chests and doing perfect builds.


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