“Idle clickers” are a pretty big thing on mobile devices these days and draw a huge number of fans. Though games like this can get a bit repetitive, there are lots of games that try to add something new – as in the case of Dungeon Inc. This game offers a new take and its grain of originality that makes it a fun and innovative title.

Dungeon Inc

My thoughts went straight to Dungeon Keeper when I first read about Dungeon Inc. That title from Bullfrog is historic in the gaming world and Dungeon Inc looked something like a remake of the dungeon manager par excellence. But all these games have in common is their theme, as Dungeon Inc is a clicker in full regalia. That said, it’s a varied enough game to offer long hours of fun.

Dungeon Inc

In Dungeon Inc you’ve got to create the greatest and most prolific dungeon of the underworld. To do it you have to upgrade each level you can and create new rooms where you can carry on watching your gold counter tick ever upwards. That said, do take care with the annoying “heroes,” who are tax inspectors that make incursions into your dungeon to destroy it. Luckily you can set different monsters up in bouncer mode, one per floor, to help you detain these humans.

Dungeon Inc is a fun take on a rather hackneyed genre. Its setting and great humor are two integral elements in its makeup, which together with its fantastic graphics make it transcend the usual. The humor is present even in the gameplay, with its singularly original twist: you can destroy the dungeon you’ve created so you can scam your insurance company and then create an even bigger dungeon from scratch.

Dungeon Inc

Dungeon Inc for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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