One of the biggest mistakes when developing software is forgetting to keep in mind usability while focusing excessively on aesthetics and secondary functionality features. Dukto is one of many tools designed to ease up sending any file format between devices, whether you’re using a smartphone or desktop PC. What makes it special is how incredibly easy and simple this tool really is considering it does something that is a fundamental everyday task that all users come across: how to get a file from A to B.  In short, less is more.


The only requirements to use this tool are; running an official client (it’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, OSX and Linux), and having your devices connected to the same local network. Dukto is free and open source, so it’s never going to cost you anything. It also doesn’t contain any annoying advertising.


The way it works is as simple as logging in and selecting one of the sending options, that by default are divided into; plain text, gallery images, or files. Which means there aren’t any limitations when it comes to the type of file extension or format. After that, all you need to do is choose where you want the file to be sent, either by identifying it automatically which Dukto can do for you, or by typing in your device’s IP address yourself. As soon as it is received on the other end, a notification will appear on their screen that will allow the file to be opened. Dukto delivers what it promises smoothly and seamlessly. Plain and simple.


More info | Official website


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