We’re all more than used to Android’s contact book for finding phone numbers, checking missed calls, etc. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best possible option, right? Apps like Drupe show that there are serious contenders to unseat the default Android feature for organizing your contact information.

Drupe Android

At first glance Drupe seems like just a very attractive agenda and bookmarking tool. A simple way to add any of a variety of themes to replace your stale old contacts manager. But we’d be silly to stop at the surface of an app as complete as Drupe, a free tool that lets you communicate quickly with any of your contacts over whatever medium you’re most interested in.

The way Drupe works involves selecting the person you want to talk to and dragging the person toward the bubble for the medium you want to use to send the message. A smooth way to make a call, send a WhatsApp, write a FB Messenger message, or even use a less common app like Telegram. This list of apps is fully configurable in the program options and can be arranged however you like. But you can also access Drupe from your device home screen just by swiping on the four dots at the top of your screen.

drupe screenshot 1 en Drupe delivers comprehensive contact management for all your chat apps

Drupe is a fantastic app that doesn’t stop at simply being an agenda on steroids but has 1,000 other uses, to boot: recorder, call identifier with spam blocker, walkie-talkie, calendar organizer, missed call log, reminders… A fully customizable app that makes life way easier for everyone you talk to in your day to day over your different chat apps.

Drupe for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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