Nowadays, one of the most searched for topics in terms of smartphone apps is language learning. Almost everyone and their mother has heard of Duolingo, but there are plenty of other interesting options to help you improve your linguistic knowledge. There’s no doubt that Drops is one of the most interesting options thanks to its great learning system that has you match images with words. And all this in just 5 minutes per day, so no one can use the excuse that they don’t have any time to learn a language.

It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by the interface in Drops. The whole thing is very visually attractive and colorful so that anyone can complete their 5 daily minutes as quickly and easily as possible. And the learning doesn’t get left on the back burner, either. The minimalist illustrations help you easily connect the word with the picture. And it’s all accompanied by the correct pronunciation so your brain puts all the concepts together as you play.


After choosing the language you want to learn, the app will show the different exercises you can complete. In the beginning, you just have to connect the pictures to the word, but soon you’ll have to put the characters in the correct order, decide if the definition is correct or not using a Tinder-style interface,atch the w or correctly mord to one of the different drawings shown on the screen. All short exercises that use gamification to make it impossible to get bored.

In addition to the mentioned exercises, you’ll also learn how to draw the symbols of the words in Asian languages. You’ll have to draw the symbols on the screen with your finger, so you make sure you know how to write them in the original language. We’ve seen this same feature in Lingodeer, and now Drops lets you do the same.


Drops is one of the most entertaining language apps that exists on Android. Obviously, you’re not going to learn a language in three days, but thanks to this app, you can increase your vocabulary in languages you already know, as well as learn any of the 31 languages that the app currently offers. All this in five minutes a day on your smartphone.


Drops for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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