Drive has Google Docs, OneDrive has Office 365 and its smartphone apps. But what’s the deal with Dropbox? The groundbreaking cloud-storage service has till now been the odd one out without its own document editing tool. But never fear, now there’s an app for that: The first public beta of Dropbox Paper has just come out. With this cool tool you can now create and edit text docs online – along with all your collaborators.


The service can be used from the app itself or in your web browser from THIS LINK. Though the minimalist interface looks like it won’t allow for many flourishes, this is actually a really powerful editor. If you pull it its various menus, you’ll find you can change the font and add media content to your docs smoothly and elegantly. Anyway, it’s not meant to be a proper word processor, as there are already way better options for that.


You can work with your docs directly from Dropbox, set them as favorites, download them locally, or share them for simultaneous editing – meaning the app serves as a simple but efficient tool for collaboration. And it includes useful features like insertion of to-do lists with tickable boxes or the ability to integrate lines of code without losing their formatting. In short: simple and straight to the point.



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