Games often look to the past for inspiration and they’re sure to carry on doing so for a long time. It makes sense when you think of how young the medium still is. New titles that put clever spins on retro gameplays are  always a nice surprise, particularly when they’re done by companies of the caliber of Nitrome. These proper specialists in the world of smartphone gaming have just come out with a new gem: Drop Wizard Tower is an arcade game that draws from classic hits like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros.

Drop Wizard Tower

Drop Wizard Tower is 100% a Nitrome game – and you can really tell, what with its highly simple gameplay that’s easy to learn but hard to master, graphics with delightful pixels, and a whole bunch of levels to play almost infinitely. This new game puts you in control of a wizard who has to ascend an immense tower while flattening all the enemies in his path. You have to do it with an interesting gameplay: you move your character from right to left in individual screens that you can move endlessly up and down on. 

Drop Wizard Tower

You do this move automatically by going from platform to platform while killing the bad guys: once you let yourself fall, you’ll launch a long-distance attack in whichever direction you’re looking and leave your enemy stunned. When he’s in this condition you just have to touch him to send him bouncing around the screen and eliminating other enemies in his path. This is simple enough in theory but gets more complicated than you might think due to the how intense things get level after level.

Drop Wizard Tower is a fantastic experience that travels to the past to bring back old gameplays and transforms them so we can live them out on our Androids in the 21st century. Fifty levels await you, as do a good number of final bosses to defeat while perfecting your game with its cast of wizards complete with unlockable powers. Do note you can also improve your character’s attributes with each screen you beat. A proper retro treat.

Drop Wizard Tower for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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