Car owners all know that keeping track of vehicle expenses is totally necessary if you don’t want to go mad. Gas, tuneups, oil changes, and washings are all costs that can become a serious headache if you’re not planning for them in advance. Drivvo is a useful tool that helps you keep track of your car expenses in a simple way.

drivvo screenshot featured Drivvo makes managing your vehicle costs a piece of cake

Keeping track of what you spend with your car is a piece of cake with Drivvo. This free Android app lets you enter your expenses in a quick and easy way. After you register, you just put in what kind of car you drive and what kind of fuel it takes. This serves to help you keep close track of your fuel costs and get the approximate average of how often you have to fill up.

drivvo screenshot 2 en Drivvo makes managing your vehicle costs a piece of cake

Besides your gas costs, Drivvo lets you add all sorts of car-related expenses: from carwashes to freon for the AC. Entering all this info, plus your fuel costs, is as simple as adding the amount, type of expense, and a few other parameter that let you keep good statistics. You can review all this info later on in the app’s different graphics that display the data in a broader way.

drivvo screenshot 1 en Drivvo makes managing your vehicle costs a piece of cake

Drivvo is surprising for its ease of use and statistical potency. A highly necessary app for people who want to keep strict control of their vehicle costs but don’t want to do any more number-crunching than necessary. The more info you insert into the app, the better the reports and car maintenance notifications you’re likely to get.

Drivvo for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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