Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon… All these animated movies have a common denominator: the team behind them is DreamWorks, a motion picture studio with nearly two decades of film production under its belt. With 30 films to its name, it’s naturally racked up a lot of beloved characters – and now DreamWorks has brought them all together into one all-star title. DreamWorks Universe of Legends unites all the studio’s franchises into a game that marries action and strategy.

DreamWorks Universe of Legends

The game is divided into two well-differentiated phases: the village, where you can construct buildings, recruit new members for your group, or level up your characters; and the battle levels, where your heroes have got to face enemies left and right. What sets this game apart from the 1,001 others that use this village + battle combo is that the faceoffs are not the traditional turn-based ones, adding a bit of dynamism to the levels.

Within each level you’ve got to move your squadron leader around as desired, selecting him when you want to attack a particular enemy. Meanwhile, the rest of the characters in your team follow you around and attack the first bad guy that comes within reach. The interesting thing is that each character has a different attack range, such that you can build a good team if you balance your heroes properly. Plus they’ve all got a special attack that they can use if you tap their face once their power bar has fully loaded.

DreamWorks Universe of Legends

DreamWorks Universe of Legends is unmissable for diehard fans of the studio’s movies, but it’s also a title to keep in mind for us other mortals. While it might not be the most innovative game in the world, it certainly tries to do things differently in a game schema we’ve seen many times before. Plus it overflows with the humor of the movies its characters come from – perfect for a smile or two.

DreamWorks Universe of Legends for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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