Who hasn’t started a drawing and passed it to another person to finish? Probably one of my favorite childhood games hasn’t lost its charm even as I start going gray. Creating something together is always fun and even more so when we talk about the possibility of doing it with people from all over the world. This is just what you do in Draw Together, a free Android app where you can create drawings collectively. 

Draw Together

In Draw Together creating art is easier than ever. You have an endless number of canvases divided into squares where you can use your fingers to draw in a whole array of colors. You can pick the different tones or size of the brush when it comes to bringing out your inner Picasso. These canvases, or boards, are created by users and usually have a specific theme. There’s boards for cartoon shows, logos, or gaming characters. Though on the boards it’s easy to find individual drawings in each square, what’s truly lovely is participating in the ones being drawn collectively, following the outlines done by other people.

The idea is a sweet one but the results aren’t usually super remarkable, at least in perfectionist terms. You won’t really find any Rembrandts here. But the point of Draw Together isn’t really to create masterworks but to collaborate on a project with people you know nothing about. Finding boards that reference Mondrian or Pollack alongside drawings about Undertale is mix not to be missed.

Draw Together

Draw Together also has a message board where the usual subjects of conversations are the drawings and also introduces a nicely thought-out business model. As you do drawings you’ll get coins that serve mainly for two things: getting keys or buying new colors. These keys serve to create new board, which avoids unseemly proliferation though it also may induce you to spend money to get coins or keys. That said, before opening your billfold you can view announcements to get the provisions needed to play.

Draw Together

I have to admit that I was afraid to find drawings defaced by Internet trolls but I was pleasantly surprised that this has not been the case. Usually people are quite respectful and try to create collective art in a nice way. Draw Together is just what it says on the tin, a well-intentioned app to create big little works of cooperative digital art.

Draw Together for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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