We’ve got to give the benefit of the doubt to Kiloo as fathers of the illustrious Subway Surfers. Though they’ve recently released some properly interesting games like Stormblade, Tesla Tubes, and Dawnbringer, the truth is that none of them have gotten remotely close to the success of their famous endless runner. Its latest work, called Dragons & Diamonds, is a puzzle game with RPG overtones along the lines of Puzzle Quest and its ilk – though with enough trademarks to make it in to a fun and unique game.

dungeons diamonds featured The Kiloo studio releases Dragons & Diamonds for Android

The bulk of the game is made up of battles against enemies where the actions are done by matching adjacent rocks on a game board. Each color is associated with one of the characters from your party, itself made up of up to five members, each with his or her own different skills. How clever you are at matching stones at the right moment with determine your survival options in the stiffest challenges.

dragons diamonds screenshot 1 The Kiloo studio releases Dragons & Diamonds for Android

The other interesting hook in the game lies in the need to upgrade your characters based on the treasure you get with you win battles. In these – like in a TCG – you can swap sets of matching cards for ones leveled up, not to mention linking special items to each character to upgrade some of its powers. Plus you can unlock new heroes, which makes it even more important to put together a balanced group. Dragons & Diamonds is a fun game that for now hasn’t come out internationally despite already being soft launched in its “final” version (or at least catalogued as 1.0). Nonetheless, the APK is already available for download and installation through Uptodown with no geographical restrictions of any kind.

Dragons & Diamonds on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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