“The pleasure is in the little things,” people say all the time – and they’re not wrong. It doesn’t take much to entertain yourself for a bit, especially when we’re talking about smartphone apps. The Android OS runs apps of all kinds that are full of character and boast 1,001 different functions. Though normally you have to dig around a bit to find the best app, sometimes you find one that does a tiny but nevertheless gratifying thing. This is the deal with Doppies, a free app that tells you which celebrities you look like based on one of your selfies.

Doppies Android

If there’s one word to describe Doppies, it’s simple. This app couldn’t be easier to use: just open it and your phone’s camera activates. Then take a selfie (or a pic of whoever you want to get the celeb doppelgänger for). The app can detect both the front and the back cameras, and after snapping the shot, it tells you what famous person you look like. All super fast and easy.

The face-recognition algorithm might not be as perfect as we’d like. Though occasionally it pulls up quite a stunning resemblance, other times it offers duds. But there’s no doubt that your result will at minimum be interesting. Though you can always improve your odds of a good likeness by taking a bit of care with the input: take your selfie in a bright space, look straight at the camera, and center yourself in the frame. I had to take my own pic a few times as I wasn’t looking at the camera properly. Luckily the app tells you whether your pic suits.

Doppies Android

Doppies is a fun app that’s quick to use. If you don’t know who the celeb is who comes out as your doppelgänger, just tap the person’s face to go to his or her Wikipedia page. This is how I’ve recently discovered my apparent similarity to a couple of Japanese actors, a Spanish DJ, and an American comic book writer. Pointless the app may be but it still offers a few minutes of good clean fun.

Doppies for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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