It was a total disappointment to find out that FTL, that brilliant space-age roguelike, wouldn’t be coming to Android. Broke my heart, for one – but also had the effect of opening an opportunity for similar games to move into that space. Which is exactly what Star Jumper has done. This premise of this free game is the randomness of dangers of the universe, a place full of spaceships dying to destroy you.

Star Jumper Android

Your aim is to get to the center of the galaxy – and to do it you need to properly manage the two most important things affecting your survival: resource management so you don’t run out of money or fuel, and space battles, where you can shoot your guns in whatever order you want, or aim at different parts of the rival ship. Plus you can set the power rank of your ship and thereby boost your evasive capacity or the speed of your shield reload. In the first star systems this doesn’t matter too much, but the more you advance, the more these choices have an impact.

Star Jumper Android

Like any decent roguelike, every game is different so each new star system you discover will surprise you. This sensation of the unknown meshes brilliantly with a game set in space – so stay attentive at all times to the different enemies, locations, and events that arise. Hint: There will be a lot of them.

Star Jumper Android

Its greatest influence is FTL, that terrific game that Android gamers have been deprived of trying, and that makes Star Jumper even more important. It would be a bit dangerous to make comparisons with the title from Subset Games as Star Jumper would appear to pale in comparison. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great game, only that reaching the levels of excellence of a game like FTL is no simple task.

Star Jumper Android

Star Jumper is a very interesting game that in its own small way alleviates the pain of the absence of Faster Than Light on Android. The game has a ton of possibilities and loads of weapons to use plus six different ships to play on, each with its own idiosyncrasies.

Star Jumper for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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