People who spend the day under a bike helmet or with their speakers blaring at top volume invariably love Spotify, one of the best music streaming programs to be found. Besides letting you delve through the depths of its vast music catalogue, Spotify usually offers end-of-year usage stats for each user. Though we’re only halfway through 2017 we’ve been surprised with various details on our music consumption habits brought together in the website

After you log in, the site displays different stats about how you use the app – nothing close to the huge array of data they usually deliver at the end of the year, but not bad, either, though it would have been terrific to get a few more specifics. Still, can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right, especially given how welcome the info on our listening habits is.

The first stats you’ll see are the artist and song you’ve listened to most often. You can view a selection of data on your recent or longer-term usage. That done, you get a graphic showing what time of day you listen most frequently to Spotify and your top music genres along with what percentage of your listening time falls in each genre.

This page also specifies what percentage of music you listen to falls into three categories that Spotify appears to have made up rather randomly: danceability, energy, and valence. Don’t put too much stock in these listings as they seem pretty spurious. Still, the stats are interesting in discovering more about your listening habits. And note that you can also generate a playlist based on your recent consumption, which is always nice.

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