There are two commonly annoying situations when your notifications get out of control. One is when your IM starts to ping incessantly while you’re using the phone. You’re already reading the blooming messages, dang it! The other equally annoying one is when your smartphone receives a chat notification and then starts ping, ping, pinging as someone types several mini-messages in a row on WhatsApp or any other app. Luckily, though, for problems like this there’s a free app called Dingless Notification Sounds.


The app, once it’s started, will run in the background and let you set your preferred option in both cases individually. In the first case, with the “While screen is on” option, it will automatically silence all the audio notifications for any app that appears while you’re using the device and the screen is on.

The other situation has a higher level of customization. When you activate the “In rest mode” filter you can remove the repeated alerts received in a short time period. By going into the app’s settings menu you can specify the time frame into which you want to unify all notifications into a single one, whether it’s 30, 60, 90, or 600 seconds.


Just one small warning: on certain devices it may occur that when you activate the app it silences the notification volume. To resolve this, from the Dingless settings menu you can also set a preset volume for incoming notifications.


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