After the withdrawal of Google Reader from the market, loads of alternative RSS readers have sprung up both for web and Android. Some have disappeared and many other have fallen by the wayside with poorly developed versions. Digg Reader has made its appearance on Android with an eye to becoming the natural successor of Google Reader, wielding all the informative clout that the web news service is known for.

Digg para Android

Digg is a web news service with nine years behind it. With the passage of time Digg has become a hub of all sorts of information that also provides several informational channels on different topics. It serves as an RSS reader for following web publications and can even be associated with social networks to integrate this info into your various feeds. Its greatest virtue is that the info displayed passes through a social filter, so that its level of relevance and visibility depends on readers’ votes.

Its creators have now decided to launch Digg Reader for Android, an app that collects all the features of the venerable web service. This allows you to read all your news and access all your content, letting you rate or save items in your feed to access later at a single click. You can also filter content according to its source and select publications you don’t want to see.

Digg Reader

Digg Reader has a big advantage over other similar apps, which is that it’s compatible with the vast majority of social networks and other services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Buffer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even email.

You can order articles by popularity, create or delete folders, browse the best recent stories, or access the service directly through your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

In short, you have everything you’re looking for in an RSS reader, with the bonus that the interface has been tweaked to make it more comfortable and accessible and has added social networks that are absent from practically all other readers. A tool that’s complete enough to carry on the legacy and become the natural successor of Google Reader.

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