With the official arrival of theHBO TV preview to Spain, loads of users have taken the plunge for the free month trial to skip the €7.99 monthly fee. The problem comes when you go to download the official Android app for HBO and realize there are three different ones. Here we explain the differences between all of them.


HBO Nordic: The one we’re interested in

Rebaptized HBO España here in Spain, this is the app created to be used in countries outside the USA where the terms of service are different, as are the programs and movies available due to third parties’ exclusivity agreements. Be that as it may, this is the app you want to install once you’ve registered for the trial and will be crucial as there’s currently no native app for Smart TV, so you have to use Chromecast or some other broadcast method.


HBO Now and HBO GO

Till now – like for Netflix when it still wasn’t available internationally – we had to create a US account and then log into the service using some IP masking tool via VPN. HBO Now was the app to use for that, being the official one for US subscribers to HBO specifically. HBO GO, in turn, works as a complement for people, in the US and elsewhere, who’ve bought a cable package that includes HBO and not a subscription to the channel specifically. The problem arises because the channel app has been marketed as HBO GO in some Eastern European countries, not to mention that there’s an HBO Europe for another group of countries that work under different terms and conditions and specific agreements with TV channels in other regions. A mess that’s not terribly interesting but that can be checked out in more detail HERE if you want.


More info | Official HBO Spain site



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