It may be the case that you’ve been asked for your phone number on a particular website so people can contact you with work-related questions or any other important matter for which you need to be available at all times. If you don’t like the idea of having your phone number floating around on the web, Dialzoo is an excellent alternative so that people can call your mobile phone without knowing your number just by providing your email address.

Dialzoo is a web service designed to make free calls to your phone from anywhere in the world without the need to supply a phone number: you just need to associate your email address via the webapp and can answer calls to your mobile phone just like on a normal phone, always keeping your number anonymous.

The way Dialzoo works is very simple: you just have to register with your email address and link your phone number to the webpage, and after receiving the verification email, share the link generated by the service:


With this webapp anyone who clicks the link can call you from the browser at no cost from anywhere in the world. The person who receives the call will indeed need to pay certain rates—though they are quite low—but what makes this service stand out is that you can get credits (equivalent to one euro) by promoting the service and accumulate virtual credit to use instead of paying with actual money.

All the calls will be good quality and in general don’t drop. In addition, if you don’t catch the call the caller can leave you a voice message online totally free, or do this directly and not even actually call, but rather leave you a voicemail that will arrive straight to your email address.



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