There are certain subgenres on Android that appear to have no room for innovation or authentically new ideas. JRPGs with turn-based combat fall into this category since, unfortunately, they don’t tend to offer enough interesting features beyond the typical repetition of automatic tasks that let you loot resources to be exchanged for equipment and collect characters. Star Wars set a new standard, but it did some damage. We’re not going to lie, Devil Crasher follows along the same lines, but its graphics are so good and the gameplay is complex enough to have you glued to your screen, playing for hours on end.

Devil Crasher Screenshot Gameplay 1

The studio Four Thirty Three (4:33) is known for creating AAA games for Android. After all, there’s a good reason they were put in charge of developing such high-calibre games like Ghostbusters World and DC UnchainedDevil Crasher could easily be an external license considering the incredible work done on the game’s design. You just need to take a look at the design of its characters to get see what we’re talking about.

But it’s not just the graphics that make a game great, and Devil Crasher stands out from the crowd of similar games from the genre by adding a certain depth to its concept. One of the hallmarks of MMOs is the automation of actions to the point of almost turning the player into a mere spectator who only has to manage menus and cash in rewards. However in this case, in order to advance you have to learn the gameplay, the possible combos to maximize damage, the strengths and weaknesses of each character, and the use of skills to heal or confuse in order to get out of sticky situations. In other works, you actually get to PLAY here. 

Devil Crasher Screenshot Gameplay

Beyond all this, you have the inevitable missions system divided into three small acts in the form of combats, that will surprise you from time to time with the appearance of enormous bosses, consistent with the rest of the game’s graphic elements. The whole game is visually impressive and it’s a real treat to discover that the combats are sprinkled with cutscenes created with the game’s engine. So you advance in the game’s story and, as surprising as it may seem, fall in love with its characters.

The story mode is the heart and soul of the experience, but like any worthwhile Android RPG, the extra daily tasks are a big part of the game, whether in the form of the PvP Arena against other players online, or special missions to get prime materials that can be exchanged for equipment. You also have the farming for materials, which is essential to enjoy the game in the long run.

The game was recently released in soft-launch mode, but unfortunately it’s flown completely under the radar, considering the growing saturation of releases for the platform. While it’s not yet available in every country, you can download and play it right now through its APK, without any geographic restrictions.

Devil Crasher for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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