The gameplay in your average clicker appears to be loved and hated in equal measure. The extreme simplicity that’s the standard of tons of games in this genre spells absolute boredom for some people and extreme addiction for others. Love it or hate it, though, you’ll probably still have fun playing a bit of Demon Princess Mariea new clicker where you face hordes upon hordes of enemies and enjoy some more-than-noteworthy graphics.

Demon Princess Marie

Demon Princess Marie drops you into the thick of the action from the moment you start playing. The main screen is where all the excitement happens, so whether you want to or not, you’ll quickly find out what the deal is here: by tapping any part of the screen you’ll strike a blow with your character’s sword at whichever monster you happen to have in front of you, all while the sorceress you’re supposed to be protecting automatically casts spells. One by one, the various monsters fall without leaving you with so much as a scratch, as they don’t even attack you. Your mission is just to do what you always do in clicker games: tap the screen till your fingerprint wears off.

Demon Princess Marie

In this game you have to collect the coins released by the monsters so you can improve both your own skills and the sorceress’s. As usual for this genre, you have to get to a minimum number of the basic skills to be able to unlock the more powerful talents. You’ll evolve the different characters’ powers depending on whether you prefer clicking frenetically or chilling with a more passive gaming experience.

Besides watching the parade of monsters go by, you also have the option to unlock other things like pets that give you an advantage for a short time, different outfits for the witch Marie, or a garden that provides various benefits. Everything with the cutesy look that the game wears so adeptly. Because yes – the graphics deserve a few words in their own right as they stand out enormously.

Demon Princess Marie

Trust me: Demon Princess Marie will prove highly enjoyable for anybody who gives it a shot, at least for the first few rounds that’ll have you click, click, clicking like there’s no tomorrow. Its repetitive gameplay might wear out a good few players once they’ve made it through their initial surprise, but clicker fanatics are sure to stick with it till the end.

Demon Princess Marie for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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