Competing in the world of music streaming services is difficult when there are rivals with the heft of Spotify. Nevertheless, services like Deezer have learned how to take advantages of their enemy’s weaknesses by offering, in this case, free music streaming from their official smartphone app regardless of which subscription plan you have. Deezer has also unveiled a new desktop client for Mac and a new “smart” playback system for playlists.

What Deezer offers

With more than 30 million songs, Deezer has been in operation since 2007, and is now available in 182 countries. There are currently three subscription models, with one of them being free, although it includes ads and after six months there’s a streaming limit of 10 hours a month.


In addition to being able to access the platform from its web version, there are also browser extensions to manage it and official apps for smartphones and tablets. In all cases, besides being able to browse through artists and albums, you can mark your favorite tracks, create playlists, visit themed channels and see what other users are listening to. Of course, if you’ve used Spotify you’ll be like a fish in water with Deezer.

Flow and Playlist Radio, listening to music without limits

This new feature allows you to create a playlist with no time limits based on the songs you have saved in your library and streaming history from the previous months. This feature is available in the iOS and Android apps, and it’s not necessary to have a paid subscription to be able to use it.


On the other hand, Playlist Radio is an assisted streaming system similar to the previous one, except it will play both songs from your library and others that the program thinks you might like based on your streaming history. This streaming system has no limits, even if you have just the free plan, since it’s interspersed with small ads between songs and doesn’t allow you to skip songs (which you can get around if you have a paid subscription).

The Mac OS client also arrives

As if all that weren’t enough, the beta version of the Mac OS client for Deezer has just been launched, which will be followed shortly by its Windows version, and which lets you include in your library both your favorites and the music you have stored on your computer. If you want to participate in the beta you’ll need to register here to download the client.


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