One of the latest Big Things to make waves in the gaming world was Undertale in 2015 and 2016. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a more fired-up gaming community than the one that’s sprung up around Toby Fox’s indie game, a giant hit that’s spawned all sorts of fan projects and also served as inspiration for other games. One of them is Deadtalean online game that brings together the characters, settings, and music from Undertale to create an original title.
deadtale featured Deadtale is a fun online game based on Undertale

Deadtale is a multiplayer game with several different game modes, though undoubtedly the most popular is the one that’s kind of like hide-and-seek. In this online mode you play alongside five other gamers from around the world and work on fixing some generators so you can get out of the zone you’re in. In each round, one of the six players is It and has to capture everybody else before they escape. The people who get captured can go free, though, if one their fellow players gets them out of jail. Besides its familiarity on playgrounds worldwide, this gameplay takes inspiration straight from the game Dead by Daylight.

deadtale screenshot 1 Deadtale is a fun online game based on Undertale

There are several settings to play in and all of them are recycled from Undertale. As you play you get experience that you can use to buy new avatars and put yourself in the skin of Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, or Frisk. Deadtale has even more game modes online, though they’re not particularly great. One of them, for instance, is a sort of copy of Bomberman, but with controls that are pretty meh.

The best thing about Deadtale is that you won’t suffer from a lag in the connection – crucial for properly enjoying the hide-and-seek mode as well as the rest of the online ones. Plus it has some features nicked from even bigger-name games: clan management, achievements, and chat, for instance. (Though it’s all laid out in a rather cluttered interface that might well confuse more than one gamer.)

deadtale screenshot 2 Deadtale is a fun online game based on Undertale

Deadtale is an Android game that should get the Undertale community pretty excited as all its sights are trained in fans of that indie title. But it’s got general appeal too, given how solid and fun its hide-and-seek mode is. We might not be able to say the same about the other modes, but this game definitely deserves a shot – and a little tenacity.

Deadtale for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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