Never is it not a good idea to keep a diary of your daily activities. But not everybody has the meticulousness to log – whether on paper or in the many available Android apps – their day-to-day movements. Daylio is the solution for people looking to keep a log of their daily activity without spending a lot of time in the process.

Daylio Android

Daylio is a sort of microdiary where you can register your mood, plus your everyday activities. Its minimalism of both conception and execution is the pillar of its appeal: with a pair of taps on the screen you can indicate your mood and what you’ve done that day. All on the basis of clear icons that let you keep track of your day-to-day living in a very simple way.

daylio screenshot 1 en Daylio is a diary to keep track of your mood

The way Daylio works is so brilliant precisely due to the fact that you use the app constantly. With a daily log you can manage your habits thanks to a couple powerful stats that the app has: a detailed graphic and a calendar that shows your activities as well as your mood. Plus if you’ve done something that’s not indicated by the app, you can create an activity entry super fast using one of the enormous number of available icons, which lets you differentiate it from the rest.

daylio screenshot 2 en Daylio is a diary to keep track of your mood

Daylio has pleasantly surprised me thanks to its ease of use. It’s never a bad idea to keep track of your daily goings-on, especially if you’re interested in ridding yourself of bad habits, being more productive, and improving your own life. This free app has a PIN lock to let you keep your activity secret and export your stats via CSV or to Google Drive.

Daylio for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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