Games with stoked-up graphics aren’t really the norm on Android – due in part to the operating system’s limitations, plus developers’ concern for making their games run on as many devices as possible. But still, titles come out every now and then that leave us saucer-eyed with their graphic oomph. Dawn of Titans is one of the chosen ones: a game that drops you into stunning battles with production values akin to console games.

Dawn of Titans Android

Watching the battles in Dawn of Titans is terrific, with amazing graphic definition and fluidity of motion. It’s reminiscent of the popular Total War saga developed by The Creative Assembly, since in Dawn of Titans you lead big armies divided into squadrons and aim to emerge victorious from different battles. The similarity with the games from SEGA is a rather superficial as it doesn’t have the same strategic depth, but really it would be dumb to compare them as the mediums are so different. Besides the gargantuan confrontations, you have to manage your army and resources before each battle, and as you advance you’ll get new troops to make your battalion even more powerful.

What differentiates Dawn of Titans from other SRPGS, besides its graphic power, is how you use the titans. An individual will command your fleet with its tremendous destructive power. The plot revolves around them, though we’ve gotta say this isn’t a passionate adventure with wild twists – but anyway it doesn’t matter as we’re here to fight. Once you beat the campaign mode (which works as a sort of tutorial) you get down to the nitty-gritty of this title from Zynga: the multiplayer mode with standard features of the genre like PvP battles and clan dynamics.

Dawn of Titans Android

Before each battle you pick your units and then once inside deploy them to where you want them. It all takes just a couple taps on the screen and you can always pick other targets as the battle advances. That said, do keep in mind which units are better against which opponents or you’re sure to die fast. Don’t leave too many floating around in front enemy archers or you’ll have to hightail it off the field wailing.

Dawn of Titans Android

Dawn of Titans is an impressive media experience. We’ve said it already, but it’s really amazing to see it run so well on a smartphone. It’s a fun game to enjoy in small doses thanks to the fact that the battles aren’t too time-consuming. Plus it’s constantly being updated and has lots of events to get as you play.

Dawn of Titans for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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