Strategy and management games on mobile devices are going through a second youth thanks to the growth of Clash of Clans and its clones, which have sparked a boom of low-quality products in the genre. Luckily, though, every now and then a proper original marvel will appear, such as this Dawn of Steel, a brilliant real-time strategy game where you play giant robots on a battlefield that you can improve over time. After its release on iOS in September of last year, it’s finally made it to Android devices.

Dawn of Steel Android gameplay

Superweapon is a small studio composed of ex-developers from EA who have worked on games like Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II and the latest titles from the Command & Conquer saga, so its experience with titles of this sort is obvious. There’s a reason this game will also come out on Windows, as it offers a complete experience that’s worlds away from the simplism and (sometimes) negligence suffered by many mobile titles that focus more on monetizing their free-to-play games than on offering a truly enjoyable experience.

Dawn of Steel is Robotech, Gundam, even Transformers. In the game you control a squadron of giant robots while you defeat enemy bases. The main difference with respect to the aforementioned Clash of Clans and other titles is that your troops are composed of just three robots, which you can also directly control in real time instead of leaving them to their luck with the AI. This makes your own skill and ability in kitting out your team much more important than brute force or perseverence.

Dawn of Steel Android Hangar

The key to the matter is that both to recharge the life of your mechanical monsters and to ‘reclaim’ conquered areas you have to wait a certain amount of time that you can reduce by spending your in-game resources, which (completely optionally) you can fatten up with actual money.

Version 1.7.1 of Dawn of Steel is available to download on Uptodown in APK format and can be played from any geographic region.



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