When you think of digital corkboards where images take center stage, Pinterest is probably the first word that comes to mind. This popular social network continues to be used by people looking for images, ideas, and even tutorials. But what if you’re looking for something similar focused specifically on knowlege?

Datuum Android

There used to be no good answer to that questions, but now there is: Datuum has just emerged as an alternative “corkboard” focused on learning.

Pinterest users should have no problem getting used to this new social network given that the way Datuum works is very similar. Datuum proposes that we describe and share knowledge based on “lists” that work like Pinterest boards. There’s a search tool to find material on all sorts of issues: from biology and chemisty lessons to educational documentaries and even how-tos like, for instance, how-to build a toolbox.

You can also create your own lists in a simple way. Just set the topic, select a category, and add organized info on the subject. This content is quite varied and you can add photos, sound, text, and videos. People familiar with the new Twitter Moments will see similarities in how to add content.

Datuum Android

All the standard features of social networks also make an appearance: you can create a detailed profile, start following other users, and send messages. You can also leave comments on lists and vote them up or down, plus save your fave lists and even download media to your device.

Datuum Android

Datuum has the potential to become a great tool to discover or share knowledge. The app is still a bit green and has a couple performance problems, but that’s logical given that it’s still in the beta stage. We definitely recommend you download it to discover a new way to learn, which is always to be appreciated.

Datuum for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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