Cyanogen is to Android as Linux is to Windows–the eternal open source rival fighting on unfair ground against a gigantic monopoly. The only difference here is that CyanogenMod has the same roots as its competition, which is why its apps are compatible. Recently, C-apps was just released allowing for a complete set of basic apps for your smartphone as an alternative to those already pre-installed on Google. Although, they can be downloaded and run exactly the same even if you’re not on Cyanogen.


These pre-installed apps that come with the new MODS system of Cyanogen 13.1 are part of an assortment of extra features for you apps that attempt to change the rules when it comes to system distribution. The five apps from the C-apps package include their own caller keypad and account manager, but the top three that are truly useful for Android users are:

  • Audio FX: A complete audio equalizer that includes several presets with different levels for each musical genre as well as the possibility to create your own by modifying the amplitude of each frequency.
  • Cyanogen Themes: Another feature that isn’t included by default on standard Android versions. This theme manager has several basic modifiers that allow you to change your wallpaper, desktop font, as well as download user created theme packages.
  • Cyanogen Gallery: Since Google Photos  “ate” Android’s traditional gallery, we’ve been left without an actual minimalist but fully functional tool to replace it. Cyanogen’s image viewer nips that problem in the bud by providing a space to catalog and edit photos and videos. The preferred app by those who want to fight the establishment.

More information | Cyanogen Official Website


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