Remember back a few months ago when we were all fired up about Crowdfire? This super interesting app (formerly called JustUnfollow) lets you manage and boost your Twitter and Instagram accounts with data on who has followed or unfollowed you, among many other features. Now version 2.0 of the app has just come out, with the main novelty being that it includes a bot to guide you through the process of optimizing your account with a series of questions intelligible to all users.

Firebot Crowdfire

To access the open beta, just install the app on your Android as usual, and then later from your browser click this URL: That will open the app with a popup asking if you want to try out the new version. Besides the huge improvements to the app’s speed and interface, the update has added a practical bot to guide you through the optimization process in less than five minutes.

The Firebot assistant helps you make optimum use of the tools included in Crowdfire. When you first run it, it’ll prompt you to take a second look at your bio and add accounts similar to yours as well as tags about the subjects you tweet about. This info lets it make recommendations based on your activity, including suggested accounts to follow, follow-backs of the most interesting people who already follow you, and inactive accounts to get rid of. You can also ask the assistant to get you a daily report of recent changes so you can keep tweaking your online marketing strategy. All these features relate to Twitter, but you can also associate Instagram accounts to your Crowdfire and do most of the same things on that popular social network for pretty photos.


Below, a summary of all of Crowdfire’s features.

  • Non Followers (TW and INSTA): A list of the people you follow who don’t follow you back.
  • Fans (TW and INSTA): A list of people who follow you but you don’t follow back.
  • Recent Unfollowers (TW and INSTA): A chronological list of the people who have unfollowed you.
  • Recent Followers (TW and INSTA): A chronological list of people who have started following you.
  • Inactive Following (TW): A list of people who haven’t published anything for X number of months.
  • All Following (TW): A list of all your followers.
  • Copy Followers (TW): A tool to create a backup of your followers list.
  • Keyword Follow (TW): A list of suggested accounts to follow based on keywords associated with your own account.
  • Friend Check (TW and INSTA): An analysis of shared followers between two accounts.
  • Auto DM (TW): A tool to program an automatic direct message to be sent to any new follower.
  • Admirers (INSTA): A list of users who follow you.
  • Publish Timeline (TW and INSTA): A tool to schedule tweets in advance. Allows you to select regular posting intervals.


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