Extreme digital socialization creates its own absurdities when it comes to following your contacts’ activity. As Twitter is quite skimpy in terms of analysis tools (although its analytics service has indeed much improved), the best option is to turn to an external service. Crowdfire is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you see who’s stopped following your Twitter and Instagram accounts, among other useful features for both community management professionals and ordinary users.

Once you associate your social network details with Crowdfire, the tool will do an analysis of all your contacts’ activity to offer a series of useful options: to receive notifications when someone unfollows you, a list of all the people you follow who don’t follow you (and vice-versa), a compendium of the followers whose accounts have gone inactive in recent months, white- and blacklists to fill out according to your criteria, a section to discover followers who are geographically nearby, and a tool to sends DMs automatically to new users.


Practically all these options are available for both Twitter and Instagram accounts, and you can also browse the content on both networks, although in the case of Instagram you can only view the profile data and view the images in miniature. That said, although you can do lots of interactions like following or unfollowing, it doesn’t reach the level of an independent client. Even still, it includes some automation tools like those you’d find on a professional software, such as a post scheduler that auto-posts at a rhythm of your choosing. The only ‘inconvenience’ is that to use these features you’ll need to install a complementary app.




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