Creating music videos or photo slideshows is easier than ever thanks to TapSlide. This useful free app for Android helps you make media compositions with just a few taps to the screen. A terrific way to put together small music projects easily.

TapSlide Android

The way TapSlide works could not be more organic for people accustomed to using smartphones. Just pick the photos you want to appear in the video and the song to play in the background, and then set the times for each picture to appear. The last bit is what makes this app so cool as it lets you give the collage a rhythmic element: the song starts playing and you can go from photo to photo by tapping the button in the middle. This lets you make terrific videos that perfectly marry the melody with the pictures.

tapslide screenshot 1 en How to create music videos easily with your smartphone

Besides selecting the tempo of the video/presentation, you can also set the level of zoom to do on each picture (to give a feeling of movement) and the visual effects to apply to the collage (rather like the filters on Instagram). Plus you can add text in different styles to include your personal message. And though it sounds tiresome, we should repeat: all this gets done very easily and anybody who can use a smartphone can put together a video with a surprisingly nice finish in just a few minutes.

tapslide screenshot 2 en How to create music videos easily with your smartphone

TapSlide is an app that’s terrific at what it does. Easy as pie – you can create media collages with a few taps and without thinking too hard about it. The rhythmic setup it uses feels almost innate for any human being and the results couldn’t be more satisfying. Plus you can share the final video on your social networks or save it locally.

TapSlide for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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