Cinemagram is a smartphone app that allows you to easily create animated GIFs. The app first arrived on iOS in 2011, and the Android version was just recently released with some added features that it’s predecessor didn’t have. This app makes it easy to create small animations from your videos, and also allows you to add exciting effects.

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The app is as easy to use as the results it offers themselves. First, you record a video with your smartphone, then select a clip from it that is no longer than 3 seconds in length. You can then create a repeating animation to which you can add a series of image filters.

The app’s biggest selling point is the ability to create cinemagraphs, which are no more than animated GIFs in which a minor piece of a static image is given movement, producing amazing results. Also, you can also create animations from small video segments that you can later connect together, sort of how Vine works.

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Vine, Twitter’s app for publishing short video clips, was released for iOS devices in early 2013, and experienced great results in the U.S. It has plans to release the application for Android, as well, but Cinemagram has beaten them to the punch. It remains to be seen whether this will affect their long-term results.

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