Android allows you to customize some aspects of the lock screen on your device with, for instance, widgets to show the time or calendar so you don’t have to unlock your phone to access that info. The free app Cover goes much further, offering a different start screen depending on your location or the time of day.

Once you’ve installed Cover it will give you a customized lock screen on your phone, which will include a series of screen shortcuts associated with the activities you do at certain times, which the app itself can detect and automatically change thanks to your device’s geolocation capabilities.


This means you can define different lock screens according to whether you’re at home, at work, in the car, or walking in the street. Each of these statuses will detect the apps that you use most frequently in those particular places and will make them visible on the lock screen. In addition, each of these statuses will have its own associated background and even a different ringtone and notification sound.

To quickly access the app you want from the lock screen, you just have to slide your finger horizontally to the right from the icon. The system functions as a “curtain,” meaning that doing the same gesture in the opposite direction will take you back out to the the lock screen once you’re done with the app. In the same way, swiping the desktop horizontally will take you to the normal Android launcher.


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