Although recently Microsoft’s launch of Office 2013 has drawn everyone’s attention, a convincing rumor that may interest many users has surfaced that the company at Redmond might be working on a version of Outlook for Windows RT. Basically, it would be for those who have a tablet running the Windows RT OS, which currently only comes with an email service as part of the Modern UI interface, but is lacking Microsoft’s classic email management system.

Outlook RT cabecera

Three versions of Windows 8 were released, one of which was Windows RT – the OS designed to run on the Surface RT model, or any other tablet with ARM architecture. Said version has Microsoft Office Home and Student, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, but Outlook was left out.

Now, some are saying that Microsoft may have decided to launch a version of Outlook for Windows RT, and that the project is already in its testing phase. The reason could be that, while the Surface RT and other tablets with Windows RT have an email, Contacts, and Calendar feature, they aren’t enough for users because they are very basic and don’t even come close to offering the features that Outlook provides.

Surface Pro cabecera

On the other hand, it could be for much more technical reasons. For example, Microsoft has recently given an entire makeover to all of its products, and that has affected Outlook, as well. That being said, there are also the  intrinsic limitations that devices with ARM architecture have that must be taken into account.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation on whether or not this product is in the making. Despite the uncertainty and rumors, there is definitely a possibility that Microsoft will develop Outlook RT for Windows 8, especially if they want to satisfy their Windows RT customers.


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