Granny is not only one of the most popular horror games on iOS and Android but also one of the most convoluted to complete. The goal is to escape from the ghoulish grandmother who chases you around the house, but the tools you need to get out of it appear randomly in each new game, so it’s no use learning where they are.

If you are fed up with Granny killing you every now and then, in this guide, we are going to show you the best way to complete Granny and finally get to give this evil lady the slip, achieving the difficult task of passing this ingenious video game designed by DVloper.

Basic tips for completing Granny

Before explaining how to complete Granny, we want to give you some keys so that the game does not become a nightmare for you. The first thing you should know is that you have five attempts —days— to escape from the dark and gloomy mansion where you find yourself, so be careful because when you exceed that limit, the game will restart. We also warn you that every time you die, certain things will be reset, although others will remain —such as the locks of the main door that you have managed to unlock—.

Granny's first room with window, door, wooden table, bookshelf, picture, wooden floor, and cracked wallpaper. Very dark space

Another basic tip we give you is related to the grandmother herself. When you see her enter the room you are in, the first thing you will have to do is to quickly go and hide anywhere you see, either under a bed or in a closet, and stay completely silent until she leaves. If you have dropped an object, it doesn’t matter if you hide, as she will know you are in the room and will not stop looking for you until she finds you.

Finally, pay close attention to your actions— walk carefully on your toes when grandma leaves a trap on the floor, but above all, be very aware of the noise you make when passing near the walls because you can throw pictures and attract grandma’s attention. You can use the noise to your advantage, of course, because if you make a fuss in a room before leaving it, you can throw her off for a while.

Which level of difficulty to choose?

Before starting a game of Granny, you will have to choose a difficulty mode. In the start menu, you will see a drop-down menu on the left, and there you can decide how hard you want the challenge to be. Each of these difficulty levels modifies the game in one way, so we are going to tell you what changes so that you can select the one that best suits you:

  • Easy: Grandma moves a little slower. The floor does not creak. You can get an extra day.
  • Normal: The standard level. In addition, you also can get an extra day.
  • Hard: Grandma moves a little faster. There is an extra lock in the master bedroom.
  • Extreme: Grandma moves faster than you do. There are two extra locks in the master bedroom. The dark mode is activated by default.
  • Practice: The grandmother does not appear, so you can freely explore the house, although the rest of the dangers remain.

Menu to select Granny's options and difficulty level

Objects: what are they for, and where to find them?

As we said, Granny’s objects appear randomly in various parts of the house, so it’s no use trying to figure out and remember where each one is. However, in this guide, we help you know what each object is for, which will help you use them properly when you come across one.

  • Hammer: It breaks the security of the doors. It is usually in the kitchen, in hidden rooms, or on top of shelves, among other places.
  • Screwdriver: With it, you can open wall sockets, where keys are often found.
  • Pliers: They are used to cut cables, as well as to break the security of certain doors. They are usually in hidden rooms, drawers, in the shelter, in the basement, or on certain shelves.
  • Cogwheels: They are used to solve a puzzle in the playhouse— which is in the backyard. The reward for completing the puzzle is usually keys or security keys and other types of tools.
  • Melon: When you get it, run to the guillotine in the backyard to cut it with the hand icon— this will give you a very useful key.
  • Crossbow: It is a very useful item as it allows you to kill the grandmother, although only for 15 seconds. Use it only when you are cornered or need extra time to get an object.

Granny's room with wooden walls and floor, grandmother's picture, and fireplace

Unlock Granny’s entire house

First steps in Granny: a dark room, closet, and drawer

All Granny’s games begin the same way— in a dark room where you can practically only glimpse a closet and a drawer. You have to open the drawer, rummage through it and take whatever is inside —if anything—. This step is key in the game and can mark whether or not you manage to escape from the grandmother’s house. Once you have taken everything, approach the door and exit.

The first hidden room

The game has already started, so be careful. The first thing you have to do is run to the area on the left and look for a room on the same wall as the one you came out of —not the one at the end of the corridor—. Come into it. What you’ll see doesn’t matter much— all you have to do is look for a hidden room on one side. Sometimes it can be seen with the naked eye, but sometimes it is hidden behind boxes.

Foyer of Granny's house with 3 doors, wooden floor, and cracked wallpaper

If you have found the hidden room, go into it, and you will see some stairs. Go down. To the right, you’ll see another secret room, but this one needs a key, so it’s time to put your knowledge of Granny’s items to good use and get there with a key in your inventory. Here’s a hint: cogwheels.

More hidden rooms: the way to the basement

If you have managed to access the room before grandma catches you, you will see that there are several paintings. If you see them, you’re in the right place. Look for some boxes, and you will see a hidden room behind them, and on the other side, there are some stairs. Before going down, check the drawer well because you will find some very useful tools. Have you got it all? Then down the stairs.

Granny's secret room with wooden floor, gray walls, a table, and two black boxes

Okay, you are now in a new room, and a hidden path that will take you to the basement should be opened. However, first, do the following: look to the right and look for a socket, use the screwdriver and open it to get a key or tool. Now look for the hidden route to the basement and go down there.

Arrival at the basement and objects before going to the backyard

Obviously, there is another hidden area in the basement, so you probably already know what to do— explore every corner to get all the objects. You must do this because the next step will be to go to the backyard, and by then, you will need to have obtained all the key tools.

For example, in the basement, you should be able to see a secret room next to some wooden crates— push them aside to access it, and you will pass to a new hidden area. Save this for last because it is the backyard’s entrance— one of Granny’s final screens.

Granny's backyard with guillotine in center

The backyard and final route: you’re getting close!

If you have followed all the steps in this guide, you should be in the backyard, where you will find water, the game room, and the guillotine for the melon —if you don’t know what we are talking about, see the items section—. Inside the game room, you will see a window you can open to access the kitchen. This is the final step you must perform before starting Granny’s ending, so make sure you have everything you need.

Granny’s final route

After opening the window and passing through the kitchen, you have reached the final route. Congratulations! But the game doesn’t end here— now you will see a door right in front of you, but you don’t have to open it but go to the left side. Run forward to go up to the top floor, and you will see some rooms when you get there. Use the hammer to break the door of one of them, look for the hidden route on the left and hide there from the grandmother.

If you have followed the step-by-step guide, you will have already unlocked Granny’s house, and you will be able to move more or less freely. At least you can go quickly to get the things you need to escape.

Front door of Granny's house boarded up with two wooden planks and a lock that seems difficult to open

How to open Granny’s front door

Once you have made the optimal route to unlock Granny’s house completely —you can do it as you want, but from here, we recommend you to follow these steps—, you should already have located all the objects that appear randomly. The essential thing to pass Granny is that you have the necessary items to open the front door and escape. The rest of the objects are just a way to achieve this goal.

The front door may have more or less locks and security mechanisms depending on the level of difficulty you have chosen, so below, we explain which object opens each one so that you can apply it to the door of your game:

  • Padlock: It opens with the blue key (padlock key).
  • Planks: They are opened by hitting them with a hammer.
  • Electronic lock: It opens with the paper labeled “CODE”.
  • Colored cables: They must be cut with pliers.
  • Large lock: It opens with the red key (master key).
  • Combination lock: A battery must be inserted.



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