For many users, QuickPic was the main image gallery app on their Android for a long time, at least until Google finally opted to remove everything related to Google Plus from its native tool. Even still, after being acquired by Cheetah Mobile (owners of the popular Clean Master and CM Browser, among others), the app has seen big improvements in form of new features, with one of the most talked-about being the option to receive more than 1000 gigabytes of cloud storage for your images for free through the CM Cloud service.

To get this space, go to the registration menu on CM Cloud via the pull-out menu. If you add your email address and password you’ll automatically get 2GB of space on your account. To get those juicy 1000 gig you’ll need to invite another friend to register on the service. If she does, you’ll both instantly get the extra space for free. In fact, that amount will be added to what you already have, leaving you with the far from negligible amount of 1002GB to upload photos and videos.


As for the rest, the application is as good as ever, with a mosaic system for viewing folders that’s very similar to other tools of this sort and the advantage of allowing users to associate all sorts of external services to use them from QuickPic, be they images on Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, or Flickr, among others. It also boasts special features like a quick mode for sending photos to devices connected to the same WiFi network and greater storage space available through its subscription plans.



    • Hello mail4willemsen, I used your code and you should have 1000gb more.
      By the way, are you Dutch?
      Regards, Eric.

  1. Hey! I’m trying to get 1,000GB free cloud space, but I need your help!
    Install QuickPic, invitation code [ yq4974 ], we’ll both win 1,000GB

  2. Waste of time even by getting 1000GB , you cant upload anything from PC! Only through Android, how to upload 4Gb of photos? Must transfer first to Android and then upload from there and then can only display on Pc screen and then only delete no adding of photos from PC.

  3. For those eager to get 1000Gb just use any one of the invitation codes from any Tom,Dick and Harry here or elsewhere. You and the code user will get your 1000GB.

  4. Hey! I’m trying to get 1,000GB free cloud space, but I need your help!
    Install QuickPic, invitation code [ jsgs94 ], we’ll both win 1,000GB

  5. Помогите мне получить 1000 ГБ бесплатного места в облаке! Вы получите его тоже!
    Код приглашения [ uv3632 ]

  6. invitation code [ rcry67 ]
    we’ll both win 1000GB – keep the love moving down the thread!
    Several early posters are probably maxed out at 5000GB

  7. Enough with the codes :-)

    I have a question: if I have both QuickPic and Clean Master installed, do I need to set up image upload on both of them (since they both have a link to CM image cloud) or setting it up only on one of them if enough?

    • Never mind. I found it.

      Heres’ my own code, just created a few minutes ago. Grab it while it’s still available.
      Install QuickPic, invitation code [ jgym67 ]

  8. Feel free to use my QuickPic code, folks. We both will receive 1,000 free GB of cloud storage for our pics.


  9. Hi guys need your help. I am trying to restore my cloud photos. But am unable to do that. Can anyone slove my query.

  10. I use Quickpic.
    1) I sent an invite with Code to my friend and he installed the APP.
    The installing did not ask for the code.
    And 1000GB was not added to my account.

    2) When I open My cloud account on my desktop, it shows 5GB space.
    However, in the Quickpic folder it shows 2GB space only.

    Can someone help me?


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