Although there’s a huge array of browsers out there to use on your Android device, the majority of users use the one included by the manufacturer, missing out on real wonders such as CM Browser, developed by creators of the famous cleaner tool Clean Master. Besides its ridiculously small size, it has an easy-to-use browsing interface, a high page-download speed, and an integrated malware protection system.

Cheetah Mobile is the number-two IT security company in China, and with the international launch of its Android browser aims to make a dent in the competition in its field. We’ve tried it in the wake of its recent international multi-language launch and we can only recommend this browser that shines for three main reasons: it’s fast, secure, and comfortable.

With regards to its interface, and being accustomed to the horrible stacked-tab system used by Chrome, swapping from one page to another on CM Browser is very intuitive as it moves you through a wheel of open tabs, as well as a start button that incorporates shortcuts to Google (or the browser you use) and several dynamic lists with the sites you visit most and other “popular” sites organized by theme.


Also, from the lower context menu you can go back, go home, or drop down basic actions related to how to share through your other services, add bookmarks, or view your downloads through the integrated manager.

With regard to security, it makes use of a detection service certified by the AV-TEST, which can, besides scanning the pages you visit, warn you when you download or install program packages in APK format, not to mention the other security options such as the ability to enable do-not-track browsing or hide your browser and search histories.

All this, and in just 1.6 MB to boot. And it doesn’t stop there: Font-size adjustment, a page pre-download system to speed up browsing, gesture controls for playing videos. At the moment, CM Browser has become an essention on my phone, and who knows whether it might bury the competition here in a short time!


    • It leaves Chrome in dust. CM Browser is the safest browser in all of Android. You dont need to worry about clearing your private history, unlike chrome where your history is vulnerable. And its also 1.7 MB, and it goes great along with CM Security, and Clean Master. It also has an excellent design and UI.

  1. Chrome will take up a TON of space, and can be a handful at times. The CR browser is what I have on my andriod and it is as ll I will ever need. It automatically updates the virus definitions so it is always up to date. It has an auto scan to look for anything. Malware and all the stuff tp stay awY from. Make sure you clean it out every day manually ( which could not be easier to do. I have had both. If you want a huge deal then get chrome. It s confusing and can be a pain in the ass

  2. This is the very best browser out there folks, it beats Chrome hands down and doesn’t clog up your system by using enormous volume to do exactly what it promised to do for you. I give it a high 5 in the star rating!


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