Battery life is becoming one of the most important considerations people make when buying a new device. Though luckily there’s such a thing as powerbanks these days, it’s not always great to have to drag so much crap around. That’s why apps to help save battery are now the Holy Grail for Android users. ShutApp is one of them: it doesn’t just help you economize on battery, but does so simply and intuitively.

shutapp featured Close apps and save battery on Android with ShutApp

Probably more than a few times you’ve discovered a ton of apps running in the background on your smartphone. Just when you think you’ve closed everything properly, sometimes it’s not enough and apps keep using resources. Apps like ShutApp are becoming essential: with them you can shut down anything running in the background without your knowledge. This is enough reason to have one on hand, but its ease of use also helps a lot. Just tap the Shut button (trust me, you can’t miss it) to shut anything down. Plus the bottom of the screen shows you how much battery and data you’re using, as well as a list of the apps that are doing so.

ShutApp is precise about doing what it was designed to do – there are no other nick-nacks to diversify the use of the app. All it does is help you keep your battery levels as high as possible. There’s a widget to that runs the clean when you tap it and also a tool called Magicball that tells you when you have apps running in the background, kind of like a ball that gets bigger and bigger as the consumption increases.

shutapp screenshot Close apps and save battery on Android with ShutApp

Should you want to keep the app activated at all times, just add it to a White List that you can set up as desired. ShutApp does just what it’s set out to do – and you don’t need to be a root user to get the most out of it.

ShutApp for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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