Crazy Taxi was one of the most defining SEGA games from the late-90s Dreamcast era – plus the first to use the legendary NAOMI system. Several years ago a port of that first game appeared for Android but now, to celebrate the release of a new installment for smartphones, the original title has been made completely free.

crazy taxi screenshot 1 The classic Crazy Taxi is now free on Android

Beyond the fact that you’ll find banners in the main menu and before loading a level, the rest of the game is entirely intact. In fact, it even retains the soundtrack with the great tracks by Offspring and Bad Religion that defined the Crazy Taxi era, as well as the extra game modes from the console version to top off the classic arcade mode, where you have to get as many passengers as possible to their destinations before time runs out.

The game that’s given rise to this change is Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, which completely shakes up the premise to offer a sort of clicker where you have to manage your own taxi agency. It’s difficult to get behind a perversion of this caliber, with gameplays that still have some fun in them being turned into a tedium that only at a stretch can even be called a video game at all. The game has been available on Uptodown for a while now, even before it had been officially released internationally.

crazy taxi gazillionaire The classic Crazy Taxi is now free on Android

It’s not the first time they’ve tried to bring life back into this saga, as Crazy Taxi City Rush for Android already attempted to reinvigorate the formula with updated graphics and a system of controls closer to endless runners than to actual driving titles. SEGA selling licenses to third parties only to see their legacy of good work distorted is proof that the company persists in perverting its intellectual property and selling it off to the highest bidder.

crazy taxi city rush The classic Crazy Taxi is now free on Android



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