One of the reasons a game like Clash Royale has been such a hit is that Supercell doesn’t rest for a moment: the game gets constant updates that don’t stop at simple performance upgrades, but include new cards and game modes that add even more appeal to this flagship title of mobile gaming. Hence the birth of the latest game mode, which drastically changes the style of Clash Royale. Touchdown is the name of the new 2-on-2 mode where there will be neither towers nor castles for you to protect.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is based on defending two towers and your castle while trying to break down your enemy’s installations. Take that away and you’ve practically got a new video game, but Supercell has decided to make a bet on this new game mode for its star title. From what we’ve seen so far of Touchdown, it shows all signs of becoming one of the most entertaining modes in the game.

What’s Touchdown, the new mode from Clash Royale, all about?

As you can deduce from its name, Touchdown is a sort of 2-on-2 American football game. The aim is to score touchdowns by getting any of your troops as far as the end zone on the other side of the field. Once you do, the match starts over and a new round starts. Not as simple as it sounds, though, despite the fact that there are no towers on the field to act as shields or bridges that cause bottlenecks: everything happens on the open field.

Everything else is more or less the same as in the normal Clash Royale game mode: you deploy troops on the field in line with however much elixir you’ve got to spend. That said, some troops have limits on their range of action, as in the case of the Barrel of Goblins, the Miner, and the Graveyard, which can only make it across half the board. Plus the much-loved and much-hated Hog Rider won’t be available for these rounds, at least for now.

We’ve been able to see this new game mode through an expo in which Alvaro845 and Antrax have emerged victorious, and have fully narrated for us how this new game mode works. There’s even a spot for fun details like a Goblin referee and a change of look for the Elite Barbarians, who now sport football helmets. Plus it seems that there will be new chat options between matches, with a larger number of phrases to be able to spout at your rivals.

When will Touchdown be available?

This game mode should arrive sooner rather than later, as it’s part of the big update that Supercell has planned for October and that we already offered a sneak peek of in this post. Besides this new game mode, this big update set to land in the next few days will add daily missions that are likely to be called “Epic Quests.” We’ll keep you up to date on everything happening with Clash Royale in real time, but for now just know that the next month should be an interesting one.

Clash Royale for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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