Summer is here and with it many people’s much-anticipated vacations. Supercell has opted to get in on the summer fun in the best possible way: with a ton of 2-on-2 events in Clash Royale. This kind of battle offers ridiculous fun and there are always players ready to enjoy them with you. A great way to kick off your vacation.

clash royale summer 2v2 Clash Royale prepares for summer with lots of 2v2 events

Clash Royale is about to start the so-called Summer of 2vs2, a macroevent with 2-on-2 challenges throughout the whole month of July. The best ones will happen on the weekends, and each one is different from the last. Unquestionably a terrific way to keep eyes glued on one of the most popular titles in mobile gaming.

The calendar laid out by Supercell lets you take part in quick 2vs2 battles or play with your friends throughout the whole month on July. An excellent way to keep showing off your skills alongside another player. Plus there will be several challenge events as listed in the graphic above.

clash royale batalla Clash Royale prepares for summer with lots of 2v2 events

It seems that Supercell wants to keep our July crammed with Crash Royale excitement and I for one am pretty happy about it. These kinds of initiatives make the game stay fresh on our minds and remove any thoughts we might entertain of uninstalling it. If you want to improve your strategy in the battles, read our guide on communicating in the Clash Royale Clan Battles. And don’t forget that you can enjoy these challenges with either randoms or players from your own clans.

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