Clash Royale just keeps getting more and more popular, and the good folks over at Supercell are working to keep the game fresh as can be with frequent updates. Not just changes to balance the game and make it fairer, but also new cards rolling out that often massively change how you play. And this time we have tons of novelties to talk about: a new balance patch, a new arena with four extra cards, and a new game mode.

clash royale ligas featured Clash Royale rolls out loads of novelties that shake up the game

New balance adjustments: The Executioner and the Arrows go up

The many changes in Clash Royale involve keeping players from getting stuck using 3 or 4 strategies and the same decks all the time. It’s a game with tons of available cards and it’d be a shame for players to end up falling into the same old loops.

This time the changes affect eight cards:

  • The endlessly loved and hated Executioner comes back to the arena with an increase of 10% in the radius of his axe. With this change he might go back to being used how he was when he first came out.
  • The Log, that legendary 2-Elixir card, has seen its damage reduced by 4% so it doesn’t hurt the towers. This very moderate change shouldn’t keep it from being popular.
  • The Arrows have seen an upgrade that might lead to their reappearance in tons of decks: their speed has increased by 33%. We’ll have to see which cards they raze in their new path.
  • The Clone Spell is not among the most-used cards and hence now it won’t restart the troops that are loading. The two princes and Fire Spirits are thrilled with this upgrade. That said, the clones do load from the start as if they’d been summoned.
  • The Lumberjack has improved a teensy bit and now his rage has increased his duration by 1.5 seconds and 0.5 extra seconds for each level.
  • The Bomb Tower will now be the death of rushed decks as the speed of its bombs has increased by 66%.
  • One of the cards the delivers the biggest headache, the Electric Wizard, will no longer permanently knock out troops. This means they’ll come back to look for their objectives once the ray effect wears off. The exceptions here are the Fire Spirits, the Inferno Tower, and the Inferno Dragon.
  • The Tornado can now be used on top of structures. It won’t damage buildings, though it can make other troops end up close to them. A useful strategy to be able to activate your main tower.

More novelties: A new arena, leagues, and four cards

The number of areas in Clash Royale has increased by one. The one previously known as Legendary Arena is now called Hog Mountain and with 3,800 trophies you can get to Arena 11, which is called – surprise! – Legendary Arena. Besides this addition, a league system has been created for everyone who’s got 4,000 trophies or more. These leagues are put together monthly and you rise through them as you get more and more trophies. There’s a total of nine and to make it to the top one you have to get the crazy number of 6,400 trophies. The rewards in these leagues are pretty huge, as they have a new chest that lets you pick your own reward from two options.

clash royale ligas screenshot Clash Royale rolls out loads of novelties that shake up the game

As if all that weren’t enough, four new cards have been announced and we’ll see them in the near future: the Bandit will be the first to arrive (on March 24). This Legendary card costs 3 Elixir and you can get it from Arena 9 onward. The new card only attacks land targets and makes a charge against enemies that are out of its reach. While it’s loading, it’s immune to damage. Later on we’ll see the Bats (Basic, Arena 8), the Night Witch (Legendary, Arena 8), and Heal (Special, Arena 10). On March 17 a special challenge will come out so you can get the Bandit before her official release.

A new game mode: Clan Battles

Chaos will reign in the new game mode that’s available from March 24: two-on-two faceoffs in the new Clan Battles. In this new game mode you join up with a clan friend to fight against two other people in the same arena. In these dual skirmishes you’ll have two secondary towers and two main towers, and it will work the same way as a normal battle. The only thing that’s different is that the power-up spells will propel troops from the same team – and same for the damage spells. Plus you can see which troop your friend will play and the area affected by it before she releases it. The rest is likely to be utter chaos and emojis everywhere. A delightful time surely awaits us all.

clash royale ligas batallas Clash Royale rolls out loads of novelties that shake up the game

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