The superhit from Supercell wants to dominate your calendar as much as possible, hence the constant updates to keep Clash Royale growing nonstop. In a recent Reddit AMA a member of the Clash Royale developer team took questions from fans and announced several new features under development that come as something of a surprise.

Clash Royale actualización

Tons of new stuff like daily missions and new game modes

Next month Clash Royale is set to roll out a new update that they’ve said should be one of the best we’ve seen in recent months. It’s meant to include a new 2v2 mode that Supercell themselves say is their “favorite 2v2 mode and will be enormously different from the rest.” We won’t play fortune-teller here as their answers were rather vague but if it’s got something to do with the 2v2 mode as we know it there’s a heckuva lot of fun in store.

Besides this new mode, they’ve said that daily missions will be introduced, which fans have been waiting ages for to add some extra motivation to the game. It’s not like clicking a daily chest is a huge thing, but incentives like this or daily achievements are sure to bring ever more people in the Clash Royale universe.

Clash Royale Actualización

New cards every month and the 2v2 mode will stay uncompetitve

We’re already used to Supercell’s frequent card announcements, but they’ve now confirmed that they’re going to add one new card each month starting in October. Plus they’re thinking of adding the Ghost, a card they’ve been flirting with for a long time and that’s now back on the table. You’ll have to wait a bit to find out more about this potential addition, though a look at the character sketch leads us to think that it makes some sort of group attack like the Valkyrie’s.

The Reddit AMA was very wide-ranging, but the thing that stands out is how clear they were about the permanent new 2v2 mode. When asked about the possibility of making it competitive or creating a 1v1 mode that’s not on the ladder, Supercell confirmed that things will remain as they are. The 2v2 mode has been created as a sort of relief to the constant competitiveness in the traditional game mode, hence it’s better to leave things as they stand. That said, if you have problems with the game, we recommend you read our tips for Clash Royale newbies.

Clash Royale actualización

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