Today we’re back to one of the recurring themes in Clash Royale: the obligatory balance updates. On this occasion they’re aimed at the cards causing the most problems lately – cards like the Night Witch, who had found a devastating combo and was razing any opponent in her path. And she’s not the only card whose characteristics got modified.

clash royale balance featured 1 Clash Royale reduces the power of the Night Witch in new balance update

The nerfing of the Night Witch was something we foresaw more or less clearly upon her arrival to the game. It’s standard for new cards to go through a few rounds of balance changes, but the Night Witch’s could be more easily anticipated thanks to her enormous power.

Several other Legendary Cards saw their features tweaked in this balance update, as did other cards:

  • The Night Witch now generates 3 bats when she dies (instead of 4). Their creation speed is now 6 seconds and the first ones to appear will come out more slowly.
  • The tornado now lasts 2.5 seconds instead of 3. Plus its effects stack up if another one gets created.
  • The Poison and Heal spell have an interacting effect when laid down simultaneously.
  • The Log reduces its reach from 11.6 to 11.1.
  • The Goblin Gang now has just 2 Spearmen instead of 3.
  • The Skeletons have seen their squadron reduced to 3 from 4 before.
  • The Bandit’s life points have increased by 4% and start to charge faster.
  • The Inferno Dragon’s life points have increased by 7% and now change targets 0.2 seconds faster.
  • The Witch (the normal one) sees her life points increased by 5% and the area of her damage radius expanded by 10%
  • Skeletons generate faster (7 seconds instead of 7.5) and the first ones come out more slowly.
  • The Clone spell takes effect faster.
  • Bats go from 5 down to 4 in number.

It remains to be seen whether these changes manage to get people to play more with the Inferno Dragon and the Bandit – the two Legendary Cards that get less love than the rest. What’s definitely certain is that the Night Witch should start to get used less, though she’s still powerful. These changes take effect from June 12, so you can start practicing with new balance changes straightaway.

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