It’s been two months since the latest balance update on Clash Royale and a few troop combos have started raining terror down wherever they appeared. This is probably going to change with the new balance changes where one of the most recent Legendary Cards, the Night Witch, appears set to move on to a better life owing to the severe nerfing she’s just suffered.

Clash Royale Bruja Nocturna

The truth is that the story of the Night Witch appears to be coming to its end. The previous balance change had already weakened her, but this latest round of nerfing may well be the final nail in her coffin. This is a standard move when certain cards begin to dominate the metagame, though I’m sure that future updates will infuse a bit of life into her, as with the current balance adjustment she’s a bit flimsy as a Legendary Card. In addition, the Battle Ram and the Graveyard have also received a dose of nerfing to keep their power from getting excessive.

  • The Night Witch now generates 2 bats upon her death (instead of 3). Their creation speed will now be 7 seconds, and their damage reduced by 9% and reach by 11%.
  • The Battle Ram now takes a bit longer to load and the barbarians also take longer to appear.
  • The Graveyard now lasts 9 seconds (instead of 10) and generates 15 skeletons (compared to the previous 17).
  • The Electric Wizard has seen his life points reduced by 2%.
  • The Heal spell now lasts 2.5 seconds (previously 3).
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A has seen its damage increased by 4.6%.
  • The X-Bow now has a deployment time of 3.5 seconds (previously 4).
  • The Mortar now has a deployment time of 3.5 seconds (previously 4).
  • The Dark Prince has increased its damage by 6% and attack speed is now 1.5 seconds (previously 1.4).
  • The Ice Wizard has increased its damage by 10% and attack speed is now 1.7 seconds (previously 1.5).
  • The Bats that come out are now 5 (previously 4).

clash royale bruja nocturna screenshot Clash Royale downgrades the Night Witch in the latest Balance Change

We don’t entirely understand the change to the Heal spell when it’s not really one of the most played cards, but we’re pleased that the Battle Ram and Mortar have gotten a bit of love. We’ve seen a small proliferation of decks based on these cards and now we’re sure to see many more. Besides this news, this weekend is the Legendary Chest Challenge where you can create the deck you want with all the available cards.

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